Modern organizations use facilitation to achieve better results through teamwork and to develop cooperation (facile - from French: "easy", "clever", "unforced").


The teamwork process is effective when the group is competent; It has  (What?) expertise, knowledge of clients and their own organization and its environment. This is a necessary condition, but it is not enough.  A facilitator has knowledge and skills to work efficiently despite ambiguity regarding goals, differences in individual communication styles, preferred working methods and different opinions on how to solve problems (How?).



I recommend this more and more widely-used method of work in order to:  

  • Plan and start a new project                                          

  • Make a decision or consult it 

  • Prepare and carry out change

  • Manage knowledge in an organization

  • Overcome communication barriers in an organization

  • Make improvements and seek innovative solutions

  • Deal with old problems  

  • Seek solutions that generate synergies 

  • Predict the risk involved in changes better and effectively prevent it 

  • Develop a strategy, a vision, a mission and values.



As an independent external mediator, I support managers, employees and HR in difficult situations. I facilitate recognition of the real needs and interests of participants in mediation, realistic assessment of one’s own expectations, and building a level of cooperation despite differences of interests. I help the involved parties to reach an optimal, lasting agreement.


It is not worth taking a matter to court when it comes to time, discretion, a manager's or an employer's reputation and cost savings. I also work in the English language.  I have the accreditation of the International Mediation Center in Warsaw.

Descriptions of mediated cases can be found in the link: http://www.mcm.org.pl/sprawy-mediacyjne.html



Mediation clause:

I encourage you to include a clause on mediation in contracts:

"Any dispute that arises from or in connection with this contract shall be settled amicably. If no agreement is reached and a dispute in mediation proceedings cannot be reached within 60 days of the date of the request for mediation or a different date agreed upon in writing by the parties, either party may take the dispute to a competent court."