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We support managers and HR departments in achieving their goals and prepare organizations for continuous changes. We implement the ideas of Nathalie Lugagne. 


'While there is nothing new about change, the accelerating pace of change is becoming more compelling. There is now a common understanding that, to thrive amidst the volatility created by this new pace of change, business organizations must transform themselves to become more agile and innovative. More specifically, former, more simplistic conceptions of leaders as lone “superheroes” have given way to the new imperatives for shared leadership. 

 One leader alone cannot achieve the breadth and depth of insight needed to navigate the uncertainty of today’s business world - as a team, however, it becomes possible.

When it comes to implementing this cultural change from solo to shared leadership, HR is an important lever. The pillars of shared leadership – notably, trust and empowerment – depend largely on HR policy and, more specifically, on whether or not it achieves fairness and transparency. Are rules and decisions known, shared, and communicated in consistent alignment with the company’s values? Does HR overcome the ever-present threat of cultural bias to achieve diversity in its talent recruitment, development, and retention practices? The effectiveness of HR at meeting these challenges is a key success factor in the transformation of organizations in terms of agility and innovation.'


9 December 2016, Nathalie Lugagne, in charge of Executive Education and Affiliate Professor in Management and Human Resources, HEC Paris.


Each project is prepared individually. An accurate diagnosis is the basis for appropriate actions.

  • When we start cooperation, we ask: What is it like? What is it not like?

       How do you want it to be?

  • Once we know where to go, we set the criteria for success together

  • We use proven methods and custom solutions  

  • We work on data and relationships, we build trust

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