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NETWORK MANAGEMENT - what is it?  


Network management makes use of one of the areas of HR analytics - organizational network analysis - to build the social capital of an organization and implement its business and development goals. The most commonly analyzed are relations of cooperation, flow of information, knowledge and decisions. Why? Because work processes, especially in dynamic organizations, are more often being implemented "alongside" the formal organizational structure, creating a true network of relationships in the organization. In order for this network to be managed well, it must first be measured, and then shaped accordingly.

Network management has been developed all over the world for approx. 25 years, but it is the popularization of online social applications and modern methods of data visualization that have enabled its wider use. Today, it is successfully applied by numerous companies and innovative organizations in Poland.

NETWORK MANAGEMENT - how does it work?


Our clients are provided the only network management platform which is also available in Polish, called “Mapa organizacji” or Organizational Map, which has been developed by a Wrocław-based company of Polish scientists - Perspective Network Sp. z o.o. The platform is individually adapted to clients’ needs and implemented in the SaaS version (recommended version) or the Enterprise version. It allows for visualization of the organizational network and tracking of changes in real time. It has an extensive analytical module and enables the sharing of analyses with selected groups of users within an agreed range.  



On the basis of analyses of a company's organizational network, we carry out development projects to support business and HR goals in medium-sized and large enterprises. We recommend Organizational Map especially for fast-growing companies, those undergoing changes and mergers, employing knowledge-based workers, managing a dispersed structure, wishing to compete using social capital and building agility. 

We conduct presentations of the system and methods of work with Organizational Map. We invite you to contact us directly.

NETWORK MANAGEMENT - how much does it cost?

The price of an annual subscription of Organizational Map does not exceed 100 PLN/person.  

For larger organizations and subscriptions for 1 year and longer, there are discounts available. Implementation of the platform, involving its adaptation to the specific client and development projects with Organizational Map are priced individually. Organizational Map in the SaaS version (login via link) is cheap, convenient to use and requires no IT work by the client. 

Installation of Organizational Map in the Enterprise version is a bit more expensive and involves incorporating the client's IT team into the work. The prices given are net and do not include 23% VAT.

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