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Network Perspective Sp. z o.o. -  Organizational Map platform provider rovider

Joanna Bilecka is an Organizational Map ("Mapa organizacji") Expert, the only HR and organizational network management platform available in the Polish language. The Wrocław-based company of Polish scientists, Network Perspective, has created “Mapa organizacji” to facilitate companies in achieving flexibility, knowledge development, cooperation and raising competitiveness. The platform allows one to manage relationships and the development of people, teams and organizations from a network perspective. It is a solution for those who have the ambition to make decisions based on hard data which is usually hidden.

Enxoo Sp.  z o.o. - HCM skilo supplier

Sklio is a system that streamlines and facilitates the process of finding, developing and engaging employees within an organization. It takes in key areas of human resource management such as recruitment, implementation, development, evaluation, training, pay and benefits, or self-service facilitating communication, relationship building, and employee engagement. Built on the leading SaaS platform by Salesforce, Sklio is a ready-to-use online system for talent and HR process management. It does not require installation and its configuration and launching are simple. It easily integrates with other applications.

Katarzyna Maternicka-Mordak 

Katarzyna is a consultant and coach, and a certified TROP trainer. She has many years of experience as head of the training and HR departments in service, sales and production companies. 

She is an accredited diagnostician of Harrison Assessments. Her specialty is custom training sessions, support and development of the sales force, personal skills and recruitment.

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